“Take it, brave York…”

Ten points for the house of whoever recognizes the reference in the title (twenty if it’s Hufflepuff, I’m biased…)

Friday to Sunday this week, it’s FantasyCon at the Royal York Hotel in, well, York.

Here’s what I’m doing:

Friday 5th September

08.40: Reading! – Not sure what from yet, maybe Our Lady of The Streets, maybe even some new stuff. 

Saturday 6th September

10.00am – But Does It Make Sense?
Economics of fantasy systems. If Smaug holds all the gold and it gets liberated, what does that do to the economy?
Leila Abu el Hawa (m), Kari Sperring, Kate Elliott, Tom Pollock, Anne Lyle

(Happy about this – given my epic one-man campaign to become Chief Economist to the UK SFF scene.)

3.00pm – The Chosen One
From Neo to Barack Obama. Many works of SFF place the fate of the world on the shoulders of a single, pre-ordained hero, who often possesses some magical trait. The panellists discuss ideas and subversions of the One in SFF and beyond. Are there echoes in real world politics? Is the concept stale and regressive, or can it be redeemed by a more diverse range of Chosen Ones in pop culture? Gillian Redfearn (m), Tom Pollock, James Oswald, Joanne Hall, Frances Hardinge, Helen Marshall

(On a panel with Frances Hardinge.  I may forget how to form consonants)

5.00pm – Who’s Missing?
A discussion about some authors you should be reading, but probably aren’t.
Glen Mehn (m), Tom Pollock, Gillian Redfearn, Sophia McDougall

(A chance to plug to a captive audience. Eeeeeeexcellent)

6.30pm – Mass Signing
If you’re about and you have something you want me to sign I’m happy for you to grab me in the hallway, but a bit of company at a signing’s always nice.

Sunday 7th September

10.00am – WORKSHOP: Worldbuiding
Kate Elliott, Tom Pollock

 How cool is this? Giving a worldbuilding class with Kate Freakin’ Elliott. I think this is a sign-up-when-you-get-to-the-con-thing, aimed at writers. Working on a fantasy novel? Indulging in a touch of terragenesis? Like making up words like ‘terragenesis’?  Come along!

And that’s it for me, rest of the time I’ll be hanging out in the bar, I expect. If you’re going to be in York there’s a ton of cool stuff happening. Hopefully catch you there.




One thought on ““Take it, brave York…”

  1. Ravenclaw says it’s a quote from Shakespeare’s Henry V – most humbly on my knee do I beg the leading of the vanguard.

    Or something like that.

    Have a wonderful time up in York!


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